20 January 2021



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!!! It's been a loonggg while since I wrote and as much as I missed writing, we all know what happened last year! 2020 was a tough one, but know that this year will be filled with hope to all of us! Now all of us know that we have all been locked up at home without having much to do, and like all the other people, I did a lot of home improvements, including learning to cook by myself! Also, you may know that I'm a good eater, not a cook. Here's my trick:

I was walking down the aisle (not a code, I swear) when I stumbled upon this brand that I ended up trying. Upon further stalking, they're doing this thing called CLBK - Cerita Lezatnya Bikin Ketagihan. Curious, I gave it a try, and boy was my mind blown!
Let me tell you more about the story's background with this brand called Sunny Gold!

Here's the pack that I tried, because I wanted to know, how SPICY is spicy?! Especially for us Indonesians, spicy is a.. relative word, isn't it? Well, let's see how it fares with the standard of spicy!

I like it how they mentioned "sudah dimasak" in the packaging! It beats the image that it is always possible to undercook the product, while it's actually safe! Plus, the red and gold design is a winner!

You don't even need to defrost them, just get it out, deep fry for 5 minutes until it turns gold, and TADA~!

In case you're curious of its ingredients, here it is (read the list of ingredients on the photo below)! Apart of Chicken Spicy Karaage, I found out that they already have so many variant product such as Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Sausage, and Chicken TEMPURA!
That would totally be my next purchase!

I was kinda curious about the brand, so apparently I stalked and found them at Instagram @sunnygoldid and the thing that captured my attention is that they make their product using Flash Frying Steam Oven (Double FSO) which is said to enable them have juicier meat (which is a luxury with frozen products, right? How'd they do it?!) and LESS oil-absorbing! Now they've got my ATTENTION!

Verdict: It really was JUICY and SPICY! I was so impressed by their spiciness because I added some chopped chilis on my own, finding out that I needed none of them. You guys should try this one because I had no idea it would taste so different. Its tender texture and spiciness got me!

I'll let the picture do the judging!

Shining, shimmering, splendid~

Did I not tell you that I got to learn how to cook? Here's how you enjoy the karaage: By cooking it with Tokpokki! Nowadays, recipes are everywhere, and they even include a lot of them in their Instagram @sunnygoldid , so if you're curious on how to cook them with a dash of creativity, look it up!

Let the judging begin!

Juicy chicken with melted cheese + chewy tokpokki... IMAGINE!

Voila! Looks totally homemade, isn't it?

Now I'm dying to learn their other variants! If you're as curious, go stalk this brand, because apparently they're pretty credible, although what really got me was taste!
Cerita Lezatnya Bikin Ketagihan beneran! CLBK deh!

Cheers to 2021, hoping I can write more (read: travel) this year!


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