19 July 2015


Today we're going Korean again but this time, it's a dessert cafe!! Yay! When it comes to Korean dessert, I think you would have a pretty good idea of what it is..yeap, it's patbingsoo! The place is called Bing Go and it's located in Gandaria City!

It's pretty small but considering this is a dessert cafe, I really don't have any problem with it at all! Instead, I think it's just the right size. I might be able to say it 'cause when I came it's not crowded at all, so I don't know if it's on a different situation..lol!

For a small cafe, I think it's great that they still have an outdoor section! Though I don't know whether or not it's the smoking room!

All of their Bing Go menu (which is patbingsoo) comes in 2 sizes, small and big. The big one for this costs IDR 65K. I'd say that if you don't have that big of appetite for desserts, you should split the SMALL one, cause that's what we did and even then we couldn't finish it! Don't trust the staff when they say the small one is a portion for 1! :p

It comes with a condensed milk on the side, so you can add as much as you want or maybe none at all if you don't like it too milky! Tasted good, though not the best, but it was decent. Especially love the Korean rice cake and the red bean paste!

The shaved ice is really soft that you'd feel like you're eating sherbet!

Ever since I tried the injeolmi toast in The Cup, I've been super obsessed with injeolmi toast, so when I saw that it's available here, I just can't deny it! Even though we were both pretty full, we still just had to try this!

Not saying that it's the best but it's definitely yummy! The honey was super generous and everything just tasted great, especially with the vanilla ice cream! Great..now I'm craving for this!

Even though what we tried was both not the best but I'd still recommend this, since it's pretty decent and the place is pretty cozy, plus the staffs friendly, so I'd definitely come back! I'd want to try their Korean Rice Cake with Cheese next! :9

Bing Go Authentic Korean Dessert Cafe
Gandaria City Mall
UG floor, level M
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran lama, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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